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I love this game and I’ve been playing it a lot through the last few days, even if my cells always end as the microbian version of carnivorous plants.

A few issues+ideas, in no specific order:

Nitrogen fixation is pretty much pointless, since you still need to explore for phosphate. Perhaps making ammonia less common and/or introducing phosphate-leaking rocks could solve this.

Chloroplasts are annoying to align inside the cell, as they lack vertical symmetry. I wish that they could be rotated.

Objects spawn inside your cell if you move really fast, and your cell is large. It’s specially annoying for harmful objects (like spiky microorganisms, or needles in the ice sheet).

Not sure if intended gameplay, but I’ve been dealing with toxin-producing cells by spamming lysosomes. Faster digestion = less harm. It’s simply less bothersome than firing my own toxins at them.

The AI organisms love weird-shaped cells at the detriment of their speed. I wish that they had a higher chance to mutate organelle placement.

I get that the distinction between genera gets messy for asexual organisms, but the way that the game decides “this shall be a new genus!” or “nah, just a new species in the same genus” randomly is really weird.

With all of that said, the core gameplay loop is damn solid. And I love how the game often forces you to adopt a niche for your microorganism - a secondary energy source is fine, but if you try to become a jack-of-all-trades, you’ll often end extinct.


this game is really fun! i love the gameplay, and i look forward to playing the full thing when it comes out

why in steam this game 2x cheaper?


The price in USD is the same. Due to currency conversions in some currencies the Steam version ends up being cheaper, because itch doesn't have regional pricing.



Epic evolution moment


Awesome to see more FOSS games being made. Are there any plans to accept donations through options that accept one time donations, like Open Collective or Ko-fi ? I guess I could just keep buying copies from Itch but I figured I could ask.


We have a dedicated page about donations:​ however we don’t currently have an active donation campaign​, which is a legal requirement in Finland in order to accept donations. You can still help financially through Itch, Steam, ​Patreon in the meantime. We will have a new donation accepting campaign sometime in the future once there’s enough demand to warrant the effort to apply for permits etc. to accept the donations.