Here is a patch release for 0.5.6 trying to address the most reported issues regarding auto-evo taking too long and being too punishing. Various other fixes and improvements also got done while those other things were being worked on.

The most important changes are:

  • Added a panel showing auto-evo prediction raw numbers to help players understand how auto-evo sees their species
  • Various changes hoping to improve auto-evo experience: fixed iron not being taken into account, fixed marine snow density not being taken into account, added extinction if too many species present in a patch, greatly improved auto-evo speed (about 20x faster now)
  • Pili in colony members now function correctly
  • Reduced max game entities to 300 to reduce late game lag
  • Excess compounds from engulfed chunks are now released as clouds
  • Removed the X close button in the undo button tutorial as people were too happily skipping it
  • Updated to Godot 3.4
  • Fixed flagella pointing direction being sometimes broken, especially when at 0,0 coordinates
  • Fixed auto evo using energy balance instead of total consumption in a few calculations
  • Empty saves list now shows a text saying no saves exist
  • Tweaked engulfing sound, it now fades in and out
  • Fixed binding agents organelle duplicating when preparing for reproduction, now the code uses the organelle unique property to detect which ones should not be duplicated to be future-proof
  • Changing maximum FPS is now possible in the options
  • Fixed a disposed microbe bind by running the attach callback on the next frame, like it was supposed to run as per old code comments

For the full patch details, see the release on Github:

Files 347 MB
Version Dec 11, 2021 343 MB
Version Dec 11, 2021

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